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Managing risk and change on a common ground.

The service
Services, products and processes are now more complex than ever, but paradoxically, most successful solutions appear to be simple and easy to use. To achieve this, they have to be matured through a longer iterative process of specification, prototyping and testing.

We start by defining the solution (6). It is desirable that the solution incorporates what the various participants elected as needed. Therefore, we have to represent or describe (7) the solution using vocabulary shared by all participants. Prototypes are just that, they are "narratives", more or less realistic representations to be assessed (8) by various stakeholders. Everyone will have a say on whether the solution meets their expectations. Tests are performed iteratively as the specification progresses. Using this method, we are able to drastically reduce the risk of innovation.

Sometimes, the innovation work begins at this same point in the process, when testing existing solutions. It can serve to create knowledge for the rest of the innovation cycle.

This service is for organizations needing to build consensus around solutions they are about to implement. For organizations that need to simplify what is complex. For organizations that need to test current solutions for improvement.

If your organization finds itself in any of these situations, talk to us!

(6) Definition – describing characteristics and features of the solution to implement.
(7) Description - descriptive prototype, behavioral prototype, constructive design, and prescription of acceptance parameters.
(8) Evaluation - testing a prototype or an existing solution with audiences we want to cater for.

Possible deliverables
Detailed implementation plan or business plan.
Procedures for monitoring the development and implementation of interactive applications (websites and software).
Activity maps.
Service specification.
Acceptance tests.
Usability testing.



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