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"State of the art” and strategic intent.

The service
The innovation cycle begins by defining an innovation strategy. Some organizations already have their strategic plans and may only need to augment them with a solid vision of the future. Most organizations however, require a deeper assessment of their offer and processes, so they can produce an understanding of how they are being received by their different audiences. This is essential to know where new opportunities can be searched and where roadblocks will emerge in the future.

After capturing (0) information available in different sources, surveying and studying the situation, we are able to prepare a state of the art document. With this document and using participatory methods, we set out a strategic vision (1) that reflects the main issues facing the organization and states the direction that should be taken. The final deliverable is an innovation plan (2), which draws up a map of people to be involved and their contexts of activity that have strategic value for the organization.

This service is for organizations that already know they have a problem, even if they don’t understand it well enough. For organizations that do not know how their offer is being received by their audiences. For organizations that face a higher degree of uncertainty in their competitive environment and in their markets. For organizations wanting to change and start grasping opportunities where everyone else still sees problems.

If your organization finds itself in any of these situations, talk to us!

(0) Capture - study the present situation and its major related trends, prepare a "State of the Art” document.
(1) Vision - discuss acquired knowledge and define a strategic direction to be followed.
(2) Observation – prepare the innovation and observation plan by identifying major participants who populate the opportunity space, define who must be involved in the innovation process ahead and their related contexts.

Possible deliverables
Trend analysis in related markets and technologies.
Value network analysis and business repositioning.
Identification of new opportunity areas.
Identification of major stakeholders, defining their roles and contexts of activity that show the highest potential of growth.



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