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Participatory idea generation.

The service
To co-design is better than to just design. It means that creative groups have a greater capacity to build successful innovative products and services, departing from various points of view, instead of relying on the genius of just one creator. In the case of co-design as we offer, it is mainly concerned with creation through the participation of various stakeholders in several coordinated activities, generating ideas and developing solutions.

Participation boosts potential, generates consensus and decreases the overall risk of innovation. Everyone has different worldviews; the designer is just the one who has to combine them. This is the era of collaborative development, open-source service platforms and democratic innovation. We believe that, when designing a service, a product or a process in a collaborative way, we are closer to the end customer and therefore, to a solution that gives a better and more sustainable response to real needs.

By modeling needs, generating ideas and developing solutions between users and internal teams, we are not only able to challenge technology; we are also able to challenge organizations to become more open and sustainable. It is ultimately the people who will benefit from the solution who should always be the main players in its design.

Needs are explained (4) in challenging terms, to make the problem understandable and to creatively focus the group. The participatory generation (5) of ideas is then centered on actionable knowledge. The involvement of different stakeholders will help defining all-encompassing solutions (6). This definition is composed by detailed plans, descriptions of how the solution will be beneficial to clients, how it will be viable and valuable to the company and how it will be constructed or produced, defining the roles of employees and partners.

This service is for organizations that already have actionable information about the needs of the different people they want to reach. For organizations that need to generate ideas with high innovative potential and value. For organizations that need to combine and manage many ideas from inside and outside the organization.

If your organization finds itself in any of these situations, talk to us!

(4) Explanation - developing a model of needs and defining specific problems to solve.
(5) Generation – generating and categorizing ideas in a participatory focused environment.
(6) Definition - structuring service solutions in a participatory manner, developing functional maps of products or services

Possible deliverables
Service solutions and business plans.
Idea generation workshops.
Establishing a high potential innovation pipeline.
Product and service concept testing.



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