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Building solutions together as a transformative experience.

To directly involve stakeholders in the activities of research and design is the best way to reveal insights about their own life and, mostly, to generate and build transformative solutions. The deeper understanding and the acquired ownership of solutions are the most visible results of participatory methods that give way to positive change. But organizations have also much to gain, for it is through participatory methods that they are able to drastically reduce the risk. These tools are responsible for the full opening of the innovation process to the outside world. It is by opening the innovation process that we can operate the most decisive cultural change and ensure the success of the efforts in organizational transformation.

Here are some examples of how participation was used to bring value to our clients:

Behavioral prototypes:
To make small models of objects that can be easily altered according to suggestions or create prototypes of service experiences to be tested with real users until, by trial and error, a satisfactory result for everyone is reached. These are examples of prototypes that will be subject to assessment through actual behavior. Their main advantage is to avoid crystallization on solutions that are not fully matured and that, being launched on the market, will almost certainly fail. That was how we could refine the registration and login process on a banking website until it was safe and straightforward for everyone.

Co-design sessions:
Getting a group of people from different backgrounds with different problems and reach an agreement on the solution to a given problem is, in itself, something that can save much time during the whole development process. When solutions are intended for smaller and defined communities such as employees in an organization, this process also creates a sense of ownership, enabling organizational transformation. It was through a series of participatory workshops that Quotidian helped a large financial group in developing the functional concept and content structure for their intranet.



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