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Cases | Telecom

Discovering the true value of email on the move.

A large mobile telecommunications operator.


Understand and outline strategic directions for the email on your phone.

Existing and future users of email through mobile phone.

We conducted a quantitative telephone survey to understand the habits of those who use the service now and all that potentially could use it in the future. We also studied the configuration of the phones by newcomers to the e-mail service on the phone. During the first week of service use we also followed them through methods of "self-observation". We were able to document discovery and use of the mobile email service. Comparing the quantitative survey data with the observed data, we have reached firm conclusions and elaborated a framework on the need of having email on a mobile phone.

(1) A list of problems for fast resolution. (2) A list of incremental changes to introduce. (3) A pipeline of service ideas to implement.



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