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Cases | Retail

Build shopping centers around people.

A Shopping Center management firm.


Innovate services to support the visitor.

Visitors to shopping centers and store employees, patrons of the space in general.

Through "participant observation", soon it became obvious that most people supported by shopping center services were the workers who remain in the space during their breaks. At the outset of the project, the scope has been broadened. Then, by conducting a series of "tours" with patrons, we could grasp the true role of the various support services in the mall and the necessary improvements. The most important and valuable aspect of the process was to identify the needs that had no service attending to. A model of needs was developed and was used to generate a set of ideas. These ideas were then encapsulated in three scenarios and tested among different patrons of the shopping centers.

(1) A list of problems for fast resolution. (2) A list of incremental changes to introduce. (3) A pipeline of service ideas to implement.



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