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Our Mission

To deeply transform the life of people and organizations, by creating new shared meaning.


Our values

Reality: We have both our feet on the ground!
We love images, everything tangible, concrete and observable. To avoid losing ourselves in empty discussions, we prototype early and explore solutions around concrete situations and drawings. This is how we understand the real value of things and how we decrease the risk that is inherent to every innovative undertaking.

Novelty: We keep exploring new opportunities!
There is no point in denying it - every business involves risk - you just need to know how to deal with it. As soon as we understand the state of the art we move on. We know how to begin a journey without knowing a destination. We do not have a recipe, but we have a great “toolbox on the backpack of the innovation hiker” and so we never fail to arrive at novel and significant places.

Openness: We are generalists, tolerant and empathetic!
To work with us you must accept differences and seek your own transformation. You must be able to absorb large amounts of information. Using the best tools, you must be able to deal with complexity. We are generalists who are always looking for new ways of looking into the vast world around organizations and people.

Depth: We do not stay in shallow waters!
When we predispose ourselves to innovate, we must be able to sail into the vast deep ocean of meaning, to understand the underpinnings of daily life, the deeper needs of people. That's where the real value of common living lies. We cannot halt just on what becomes conscious and can be said. Rather, we must explore opportunities in the most significant and valuable dimensions of people; their activities, the artifacts they use, their realizations and their dreams.


Our Name

quotidian [kwoh-tid-ee-uhn]

1. daily: a quotidian report.
2. usual or customary; everyday: quotidian needs.
3. ordinary; commonplace: paintings of no more than quotidian artistry.
4. (of a fever, ague, etc.) characterized by paroxysms that recur daily.
5. something recurring daily.
6. a quotidian fever or ague.


1300–50; <Latin quotīdiānus, cottīdiānus  daily, equivalent to cottīdi ( ē ) every day (adv.) ( *quot ( t ) ī  a locative form akin to quot  however many occur, every + diē,  ablative of diēs  day; compare meridian) + -ānus -an;  replacing Middle English cotidien  < Old French  < Latin,  as above


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