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Cases | Social innovation

Innovation from the community, for the community.

A municipality facing serious demographic problems; desertification, and population aging.


Develop a program to create innovative social actions and at the same time, establish a distinctive competence that can be used in the continuous development of social innovation within the municipality.

Users of social initiatives in the municipality, citizens, partner organizations in the social council, political and community leaders.

We started the process by evaluating social return of existing initiatives. The process helped us understand the municipality socially in a holistic way. We outlined the main strategic lines for the development of social support programs to be launched. These programs should start with observation and exploitation of innovation opportunities for those most in need, those with the most urgent problems. The need to find systemic solutions that are sustainable with low public investment is the most important line of this strategy. During the process, experts have been documenting and building a manual of procedures, methods and sources of knowledge which may be part of a future "laboratory" for social innovation.

New sustainable social initiatives that bring value to those in need, at the lowest cost possible.



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