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Supporting a more sustainable behavior by growing a vegetable garden at home.

A company linked to the food industry.


Evaluate the potential of this concept and help define a strategy for the concept of containers to grow vertical vegetable gardens.

Urban families.

By analyzing trends and quantitatively evaluating the market, it soon became obvious that there was a huge and expanding market for solutions to grow one's own food. An area of opportunity was discovered with urban and suburban families who live in small apartments. A close observation of the urban landscape and of house interiors in some selected families showed that this audience was very receptive to the concept and we began a process of re-design and co-design.

A stackable pot system that allows families to grow their own vegetables in small kitchens, terraces and balconies. It grows a sufficient amount of herbs and vegetables to meet the consumption needs of a small urban family. This vase has been patented and is selling all over the world (see MiniGarden's website).


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