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Our experience

Pioneers in people centered innovation; we remain faithful to its principles while constantly pushing the boundaries.


During the 90’s, when the user centered movement in design was at its peak, it became common to adopt the principle that people should be placed at the center of the innovation process, that people should be heard and observed – this approach has been called user-centered design.

After more than ten years being applied, these values have now matured and are being followed by many organizations around the world. The fundamental advantage they bring to businesses is an increased efficiency and sustainability when investing in innovation. This happens because innovation is moving beyond the episodic creativity of an individual to become a supported open practice, imposing discipline and consistency across the entire organization. Innovation must lend coherence and identity to every business solution.

Quotidian was born in 2002, in this context. Named DSR for the first two years, we were a 3 continent-wide consultancy brand. It started as the dream of a group of international post-graduate students who were active in studying design activity and in developing new methods for user centered design and innovation in Chicago

During those first two years, we mainly offered market research and contextual research competencies. In 2005, as the discipline became more robust and listening to requests from some of our clients, we extended the range of services and changed the name to Quotidian. We positioned ourselves more broadly, reaching as far as our skills are applicable. Today, we offer competencies in:

Strategy | innovation plans and business transformation

Ethnography | ethnography studies for opportunity discovery

Co-design | idea generation and participatory design, service concepts

Specification | planning, prototyping and testing service solutions

As pioneers of people centered innovation; Quotidian remains faithful to its principles while constantly evolving.

We follow a proprietary process for managing and developing innovation that is supported by our own software tools. We use methods developed internally that are the outcome of service maturation throughout many sectors and industries. We are always evolving and we do our best to continuously generate more knowledge and to develop our practice on a global basis.



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