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The Process

Creating new meanings with people at the center.

Who is at the heart of the process?
The quick reply is "anyone who might benefit from the solution", but we might need a longer answer. Our approach to innovation and organizational transformation brings many types of participants into the process. These may be related to the organization in several ways. If the problem involves the company's offer, they can be current or potential customers and users of products and services. If the problem involves business processes and tools, they may be employees from various functional areas, business partners and suppliers. If the problem relates to business and financing models, they can also be investors and other stakeholders.

What are the axes that structure our action?
The creative process alternates between what exists, the tangible, the facts, and what is conceptual, the intangible, the various participant assumptions. To oscillate between these two realms, participants devote time to activities of exploration and to activities of interpretation and creation. Departing from a problem we want to solve, first, we will define a vision. Then, we will explore several contexts of activity before arriving at an explanatory model for the needs we should fulfill. Once this model is reached, participants are asked to think up solutions that may respond to those needs. The process follows with a description of every solution to be planned and detailed. Prototypes are finally built so this new reality can be tested before release.

What are the "quadrants" of the process?
The quadrants correspond to the different services offered by Quotidian, together, they become our virtuous innovation cycle. The offer makes sense to be taken in sequence; nevertheless, organizations can start in any quadrant according to their present situation.

Explore our offer to learn more about each activity and how it applies to the needs of your organization:

Strategy | innovation plans and business transformation

Ethnography | ethnography studies for opportunity discovery

Co-design | idea generation and participatory design, service concepts

Specification | planning, prototyping and testing service solutions