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True value dwells in everyday living!

Despite all cutting-edge technology and compelling messages surrounding most of the innovation discourse today, it is the way we attend to daily needs of ordinary people that shapes products, services, and organizations for the future. As such, instead of being uniquely focused on technology and marketing, innovation has to refocus on people.

Innovation is too important for technicians to stay inside their laboratories and designers inside their creative fishbowls. We must go out and interact, get our hands dirty, deal with complexity and tolerate differences! We must empower everyone to embrace change! We really need to start thinking seriously about our future!

This is Quotidian’s manifesto, our drive, and our vision. We catalyze service concepts using the most forward-looking methods; we arrive at tangible solutions, we enable businesses to solve problems and transform themselves in a creative yet pragmatic approach.

We start by studying problems even before they are fully defined; then we systematically observe contexts of need while establishing virtuous dialogues with those that bleep in the strategic radar. This is how we are able to reveal opportunities for new services, how we diversify existing products or improve business processes. We generate and define concepts in a participatory manner. We specify, prototype, and test solutions before implementing.